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Health Insurance

Life's full of unpredictable moments, especially when it comes to health. With private health insurance, you can safeguard your well-being and ensure access to top healthcare whenever you need it.


Don't let sudden illness or injuries catch you off guard. Choose private health insurance for peace of mind and quality care on your terms.

Get ahead of the NHS Waiting lists

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance, otherwise known as private medical health insurance (PMI), is a type of cover that you would take out to cover the cost of any private medical healthcare that you may require throughout the lifetime of your policy.

With a PMI policy, you will be able to be the lengthy NHS waiting queues, gain access to medical treatment that may not be available via the NHS, and retrieve treatment as quickly as possible in the unfortunate event that you become ill. This type of insurance typically only covers illnesses or conditions that befall you after you take out your policy.

How Does a Health Insurance Policy Work?

Like other types of insurances, such as life and home insurance, health insurance is a policy that you can either pay monthly or annually for, and in return, your insurer will pay out for some or for all the cost of your treatment. Your policy is tailored to your individual, or family needs and you can enhance or reduce your cover depending on your circumstances and to suit your budget.

Why use an Insurance Broker?

Great Independent Advice

As a broker, we are not tied to any single lender, meaning that we can search the whole of the market to find the perfect health Insurance deals for you.

The Whole of Market - Over 100 lenders and 1000's of Health products.

With the ability to search the whole of the market, we have access to a whole range of quality health insurance providers, both from recognisable, high street brands and more niche, specialist health insurance lenders depending on your individual needs.

We also have access to exclusive deals that you may not be able to get directly with a lender.

Life Insurance - Would your family be financially secure if something happened to you? Our expert advisers can craft a unique insurance policy that will ensure your future and family are protected financially if the worst was to happen. 

Income Protection - Would you have enough savings to cover any loss of earnings if you were unable to work due to illness or an accident? Our advisers are here to help you navigate through the complex web of income protection insurance.

Critical Illness - What happens if you were diagnosed with a critical illness and it turned your life upside down? Let our advisers ensure you have a plan in place for unexpected devastating circumstances to ensure you and your family are covered

We will be with you every step of the way.

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