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Home Insurance

Nothing is more valuable than your home. It contains priceless items such as memories, belongings and home comforts – but most importantly, your loved ones. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that it is fully protected.

We understand that no matter how much security you put in place, there is always still a risk of theft, natural disasters and damage. Unfortunately, these are events which we cannot entirely prevent. But, to reduce the impact these events have on your life and protect your home, you will need home insurance.

Make Sure Your Home is Protected

How Does Home Insurance Work?

Home insurance is an investment that you take on to protect your home and family comforts. It is available in two different forms: buildings insurance and contents insurance. Alternatively, you can opt for a comprehensive plan that will include both.

Home insurance offers you cover, which you can use to rebuild your home should a disaster unfold. However, even though there are typically only two main types of protection, there are many different types of home insurance. Some of which people do not know about.

• Landlord insurance
• Flat insurance
• Accidental damage
• Cover away from home
• Legal expenses
• Home emergency​

Without these home insurance covers, typical claims can run to several thousand pounds, and costs can spiral out of control!

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How Do I Get The Best Home Insurance Deal?

We understand that home insurance can be overwhelming; this is why we offer advice and guidance on choosing the right cover for your situation. Protecting your most valuable asset – your home – is vital. Here at Hockridge Mortgages, we will make sure you have the correct policy for your circumstance and ensure you have complete peace of mind.

If you would like to chat with one of our home insurance experts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hockridge Mortgages on 01933 313888. You’ll never know what’s around the corner, so prepare for the future, now.

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